How to handle large datasets in React and still have a light and smooth User Interface by implementing Windowing.

We all like using smooth and performant web applications like Twitter that allows you to scroll the Tweets down almost infinitely and the UI still feels light and responsive. But how…

Back to the Basics: let’s create a carousel from scratch.

Carousels are everywhere these days. We see them in the most popular websites like: Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+ or perhaps we have even included one in our own project. When we need to add a carousel we usually look for it in a component library or in a npm…

Pixel-Perfect layout clone using Flexbox

It is very popular at Coding Bootcamps to ask students to clone a world famous website in just a few days (usually in a week) to practice what they have learned.

So I asked myself some further questions about cloning a website as a learning…

Using React, Styled Components and React Spring Animations.

Have you ever wondered how you could create an animated dialog like the one that appears on Netflix when you click on a movie? It opens and closes from the same position of the selected card on the carousel.

Well, this effect can be easily achieved using the react-spring hook…

Don’t you forget about the Exit Animation!

It may seem trivial, but proper handling of DOM animations could make the difference between a great or mediocre user experience. In the real world, when you open a door, you close it, when you open a drawer you close it and in a UI when you open a menu…

Oscar Bastos

Application Architect

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